Escape the Chaos.

Does life sometimes seem hectic and unmanageable?
We get it.

Life can get overwhelming.  We’re here to help.

Life often throws you curveballs.
Divorce, debt, kids, marriage, single life, faith…

Below are some practical videos that can help.

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Feel like God let you down?  Do church people seem full of it?  What role does faith play in your life?  How can faith and finding a church family help you escape the chaos of life?  Look, we all need a break.  Below is a practical teaching on how you can reclaim peace in your life and maybe find a little hope again.


Who’s influencing our kids?:
Taught by Pastor Tom Ouweleen.  When surveyed, most parents say their biggest concern for their kids is who’s influencing them. Kids at school, TV shows, movies, video games can all have a negative influence on our children. That’s why it is so important that kids go to church regularly and hear positive messages and are influenced to be a godly next generation.  Refuge offers a great kids program every Sunday during the regular adult worship service where they learn to respect life, honor their parents, obey God, and be good contributors to society.


Taught by Pastor Tom Ouweleen.  Pastor Tom has been there.  After 21 years of marriage, he went through a divorce he didn’t want.  But sometimes life happens and you have to cope.  This video contains some powerful lessons on what to do when coping with divorce.


Buried in debt?  Occasionally we offer the powerful Dave Ramsay course, Financial Peace University.  Here are some basic tips to get you started digging out from crushing debt.


Overcoming Pornography:
Many people treat pornography like it’s no big deal. “It’s not hurting anyone” they say in an attempt to justify this destructive behavior.  Yet Pornography is destroying marriages and families.  In this video Pastor Tom Ouweleen shares 10 simple principles to get you on the road to overcoming porn addiction.  And let’s not mince words, it IS an addiction.  Shockingly nearly as many women are viewing porn on a regular basis as men. Don’t let porn destroy your family.


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